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  1. Pm sent Ford1981 i didn’t push bloody submit button on my message sorry guys
  2. cool I will take them can you please send me paypal details cheers DIBS!!!
  3. Are these still for sale
  4. What sort of $$$$$ Mark
  5. Any stamping Mark
  6. IMG-0766.JPG

    Mach2 Apollo
  7. IMG-0196.JPG

    2016 Raw 24
  8. IMG-0155.JPG

    1981 Kz1 Kuwahara
  9. IMG-0154.JPG

    77 Roger De Costa
  10. Rip Ben had a few quiet ales on bris rides with Ben. Full of knowledge and had one of the best collections in the business. You will be missed big fella. Thoughts are with your family at this time.
  11. Might actually get there for this one
  12. Definitely about BMX not Bitching. Take a chill pill and relax. If I had every frame I had help getting id on there would be no room in my shed. This is how the forum page works, we buy and sell and move stuff around the community.
  13. Thanks Pete love vintage bikes
  14. Thought I would add the old girl this month. 1978 Roger De Coster Og Frame Ashtibula cranks forks stem Mongoose seat clamp bottom bracket Ogk Grips and quilted Kashi Seat Motocross Tyres Lester Wheels Box Bars Sugino chainwheel Vintage rat trap pedals. This is a very early example of bmx and I hope you all enjoy.