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  1. Thanks for the generous donation Rado. Also thanks to everyone who has taken the time to check in and join the conversation.
  2. Hi guys, Firstly I just want to say a huge thanks to SR71 and to the mods for their support on this. I've always found OZBMX to be full of guys who care about BMX and each other and I'm truly blown away and honoured that the help has even been offered. I've been a bit sporadic on here lately due to treatments and surgeries etc but I'm in contact with sr71 outside of the forum too so if I'm not online I can keep up to date. A decent chair would not only change my life but the wife and kids too. At the moment I can't really go anywhere with them as my chair is too heavy for my wife to get in and out of the car and sitting in it actually makes my pain worse. Not only that but it would allow me to go places with my kids and be a dad again. I may even get to the St Kilda swappy seeing as I've been trying to go for 2 years and still haven't got there. I don't mind telling my story and explaining how I've found myself in this situation so if anyone wants to ask anything of me feel free. Thanks again for the help and it is very much appreciated.
  3. Ok so I woke up this morning and realised its just a bike. I sold the Peregrine as it is the most valuable one I have and the money would help right now. Plus I sold it to the eBay bidder for a higher amount through elsewhere it just happens that he bid on it too so I'm just waiting for his deposit before I end the auction. I also took some solace in the fact that I still have my other Peregrine Pro and all of the NOS parts for that stashed under my bench so I will build that when I'm healed a bit more. I'm currently trying to come up with a way to fit some Peregrine pro hubs to my wheelchair and get it painted in some old school colours with plenty of anno parts. I already have some A'me grips on the push handles. Thanks for all of the suggestions and support too. This is one of the reasons I love OZ is because everyone sticks together Cheers.
  4. Because the injury is to my Lumbar and Sacrum and I can't walk I spend most of my time in a wheelchair.
  5. This guy is my 4th opinion unfortunately. Every other time someone has told me I have ignored them and asked someone else but after 4 specialists it's getting a bit hard to avoid.
  6. Hi guys I've got a bit of a BMX dilemma. So I have been building my Peregrine Expert for nearly 2 years as it's taken me this long to source all of the correct parts that I wanted and I have had various surgeries etc on my back but my surgeon told me last week that I will never ride again so I put it up for sale and have a buyer. The problem is that even though I will never ride it, every time I go in the garage I get depressed looking at it and I really do need the cash as workcover don't cover all of my wage and its my little girls birthday soon I'm getting bad second thoughts. I even thought about hanging it on the wall but If I did that I will still feel depressed every time I look at it and I've already got one that I am keeping to eventually build and display. Most of you will think I'm mad but the one I'm keeping is a Hotfoot and the reason for keeping that one is it was built the same month and year I was born. So I'm wondering what others would do. Would you sell or message the buyer and keep it? I should probably add that I also have a Peregrine Pro stashed under my workbench in the garage too that I could build one day too.
  7. That's really nice mate. It will look awesome all built up. Some red rims or tiffs would look cool on it.
  8. Sorry mate at this point I won't be parting. If it doesnt sell complete I will let my little girl ride it or hang it on the wall.
  9. I've got my Peregrine and every Peregrine part you can think of to go with it. The link ebove takes you to the listing.
  10. Hey guys. Here is the new link. Cheers.
  11. Oh and Kickinitoldschool reminded me too that when he sold it to me it was bent and when it went to Gripsport to be fixed thats when they found the dent that needed repaired too that he forgot to mention to me when I bought it. So please take the reapir into mind if you are interested. They jept the original tubing and repaired it rather than just cut out and put in new tubes. Cheers
  12. No mate sorry it hasn't ebay made me take it down because apparently writing not Haro Skyway etc is against the rules. Even though pretty much every other ad says the same. I will relist later today with the amended title and post the fresh link.
  13. Hey Guys. So some of you will know that I've been building this for a long time and looking forward to riding it when my back got better. I was going to finish it and take it to Hurstbridge in August but it's the same day as my daughter's Birthday party and my surgeon has kindly informed me that my BMX riding days are over so it's time to clean out my collection as seeing my toys hanging up not being used is driving me nuts. If anyone on here is interested shoot me a PM. I will box up for someone if they want it shipped but you will have to arrange the courier etc to collect from me because I can't drive to the post office or courier depots and for members on here I will accept PayPal even though through eBay I have said I won't I will also deal with the overseas guys if you are interested. Check out the link I will also be listing all of my other peregrine parts and other bits I have around over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks for looking
  14. Do you think my wife would notice if i changed my daughter's birth certificate and argued to move her party to a different day?