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  1. Great build. Blue plus silver / chrome / nickel / raw alloy always works!
  2. Somehow I missed it too! Love this build, it's perfect.
  3. So both black and grey to ground. That was simple! Have fun on the water. Love it out there.
  4. You will need to post a wiring schematic that came with the fish finder. They are usually a straight forward hook up. Which one did you get? With your fuse board, you could use No.9 as it is an accessory spare. Make sure you put in the correct fuse as per your fish finder (5 amp would be a good start). You are right, the black can be fixed with the other grounds. The grey could be a few things, a schematic will help. Your fish finder should work with the 2 other wires connected up.
  5. Nice ride, great haircut too.
  6. Wait, your dad rolls on a Moosegoose? You're 40....he must be a groovy 60 year old?!! Cool!
  7. Great ride!
  8. You mean I read 5 pages for nothing?
  9. Mate, the headset and the seat post look original. The seat post does not actually have a mongoose stamp. The lock nut should be stamped on very top, it looks like it should, the rest of the headset is certainly og.
  10. Hey mate. Mine is actually the 135hp. It can pull a single wake boarder out with ease. I don't think it would pull out 2 adults with such ease although I have not tried. With these boweiders, my personal rule is 1 skier for 4 cyclinders, 2 skier V6 and 3 skiers V8! I am putting in a tower and I wouldn't go to that expense without being confident in the boat's abilities. Bottom line is they are well built boats and I am a big fan of the 135hp Mercruiser and Alpha 1 stern drive.
  11. We have a Searay 185 Sport. Great family boat. Need to get a wake tower happening though....!
  12. Typically, Mongoose II had the holes in the rear dropouts, although that UK price list shows otherwise! I think it may be a Motomag with Supergoose specification. I'm sure bike shops would spec the ride whichever way you wanted, plus they came to stores unassembled anyway. Mongoose II also had the black bottom tube decals rather than the gold top tube decal that you have on your frame. The change occurred in late 1981. Regardless, you have a great survivor there...!
  13. I bloody loved Throwdowns. All my pocket money....gone!
  14. Motomag buddy.
  15. Took me years to build up feedback. Back when I was on here a lot there were only 2,000 members and now there are like 26,000! I am disappointed to lose my trading credibility! I reckon public feedback is an essential part of a forum with this many members.