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  1. Voting post - Sorry its late guys. I forgot all about it. Bit carried away with a project over the weekend.
  2. Sorry dudes, I'm on the poll. Up in 5.
  3. Voting post
  4. Seems like she is quite busy lately. Have you tried shagga? Shaggas stickers on facebook. He is a member here as well. shaggabagga i think.
  5. Sounds good to me
  6. This looks like a quality build. Lovin it!
  7. *Heavy breathing*
  8. That DB HLT has me all squishy in the pants. Stunning.
  9. Voting Post
  10. voting post
  11. Congrats to Raven for this immaculate 85 FST. Don't forget to keep entering guys.
  12. The rules for Bike of the Month are... You are able to enter 6 pictures, but 1 must be a crank side shot with the complete bike in it. All winning entrants are barred from re-entry unless the frame has been refinished differently from the original entry. Non winning entrants have a 12 month wait before re-entry and the bike must have had at least some changes/refinements. Double entrants must take new photos. Bikes must be owned by the entrant. Bikes must be complete (including chains). Lets see those gems lads and ladettes.
  13. A cruiser takes the win. Congrats to Scruffah for the crazy good work. Well done to all entrants, another killer month
  14. my cruiser is smoked by the madman, it is stunning.