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  1. Hey guys, havent been on for a while. thought i might post my mirras up. ones a 99 Mirra pro which i have built over time doesnt have brakes as i dont want to mark the rims (nos heffers) the other is a 01 S351 mirra pro which i bought complete minus the pegs. tell me what you guys think also what do you recon there worth?? just curious. 99 pro 01 S351
  2. And third is a 2001 haro revo (was the second bike i ever had) found this local recently, looks all original and never really hammered but might sell so i can get a dirt jumper to ride again thanks guys, first time posting pics so excuse me if ive done something wrong!
  3. hey guys thought i would add my current rides first ones a 99 Mirra Pro im currently building mainly finding parts on the museum. second is my 2006 mirra pro (wanted first and last)
  4. yeah there just alex supra rims badly flaking im pretty certain there just aluminium underneath so was gonna strip the chrome and polish by hand
  5. Hey guys ive read alot of stuff from google in regards to remove chrome from aluminium And basicaly everything sais you have to delace the wheel and take it to a proper shop. Does anyone know a way i can do it myself without taking the rim apart? I was thinking of dipping it in caustic soda and water? Any help much apreciated! Thanks guys. Lee.