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  1. Dibs one set please
  2. Dibs Mongoose stem as per pm, thanks
  3. Dibs please
  4. 26th sounds great, have got a lot of goodies to bring.
  5. Elvis was more than music/film and such a generous and awesome individual. When you visit Graceland there are frames and frames of cheques that he wrote and gave away to people. Every cheque is for at least a thousand dollars,....imagIne what that was worth in the 50's,60's and 70's? Very humbling and awe inspiring place.
  6. Out for this one, bledisoe weekend
  7. I have the yellow frame (maxi) , with all high end components. Everything is dated 1978. Actually thought it was a chatsworth made "Scorpion", as the frames are identical??
  8. Nice one mate
  9. Dibs if price is posted?
  10. Dibs chain and kashimax decal please