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  1. Gonna be sweet! Nice hubs man
  2. OUCH is that both hands broken !!! Damnnn
  3. Nice work! Stickers look to have come up well!
  4. You don't much around, looks good
  5. 48s all the way!
  6. I think profile still have a stash of SS hubs, ask them?
  7. My favorite chilli sauce but this video isn't working on my phone? Page loads blank?
  8. Yes! Tuned in
  9. Not fixed on, the top bearing cup that is pressed into the frame holds it on... Need a flat ended metal bar (can use a socket extension or maybe a screen driver) and put it down the head tube against the bottom of the bearing cup and hot around it until it pops out, the gyro part will fall out .. Can take the top and bottom one off, will be easier to paint it, then you can replace the bearing cups with newies
  10. Always good fun building new wheels, just take a few out, get the measurement and order some replacements! And yeah the gyro 3 will fit no problem, the cabel length might be different tho, although r the bars are pretty short on that so I think you will be fine... Yeah they were all mine and the villain my brothers, I've sold a few now, too many bikes!!
  11. Geese you don't muck around! Usually stickers are the last thing people think of, well done! Gonna be sweet, I like that color blue that ir was too
  12. Looks good mate, welcome! I had a specialized vegas back in the day, loved it! That looks to be a tj lavin one cause it has 3 piece cranks, got any more photos?
  13. Brilliant! That is clean as a whistle! You must be stoked to have the childhood dream bike now at your disposal!
  14. One if my favorite bikes at hursty
  15. Thanks fellas! Stoked to have won it, such a good midschool turn out this year, the amount of midschool bikes there has doubled every year I've been... Hopefully it doubles again next year, so many rad builds and parts getting around