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  1. hi there if you would be interested in posting to Victoria ill take it?
  2. fantastic looks ace and done on a cheap budget to well done
  3. Oh man id love this as im chasing a 26 inch project.. wish i wasnt short on cash this week
  4. out standing m8 10 out of 10 on the build.. And the pics are awsome..
  5. Dibs suzue hubs
  6. wow how excellent is this....The bikes look awesome... just a question do you have any build pics? frames and forks in the jigs ect..
  7. my money on a cheapy as the bars and the gusset behind the seat pole were on cheapys like the razorback feestyle and others
  8. Love the Decade freestylers ..Id love to build one of these myself.. will be watching this build..
  9. jesus man oh man now that looks insane top job bud..
  10. gone to ebay lock it up pleae..
  11. Hi all have a couple of bits to get rid of.. Dibs gets them and paypal just pm for it.. All gear posted asap.. 1. 2 sets of three peice crank arms dont have the spindles one set is off an eastern and the other was a haro.. $45 posted.. 2.Haro 1 1/18th gouges in great condition.. $50 posted.. 3.Powerlite 1 inch stem $50 posted.. 4.Nos Pitbull 2 Brake.. $75 posted..
  12. Jez that is nice..Always love a street beat.. Hmmm payment plan hmmmm
  13. lock it up gone to ebay
  14. Hi all have a few bits i want to move along Dibs gets them and pm for paypal addy.. 1.A bulk lot of NOS mongoose bits they are for hooligan, sniper,Villian,DMC.. includes stems chainwheel, seat clamp,dmc tyres,Handle bars,seat,pretty much all parts for a rebuild NOS.. $320 Posted.. 2.Gt nos 1 inch forks with 14 mm drop outs.. $100 posted.. 3.crank arms with pedals never used $65 posted.. 4..Redline micro ajust seat pole with team roost seat with titanium rails seat light as a feather.. $50 posted..