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  1. Wasn't sure this was your username... you're off my friends list
  2. Didn't trade it for a Harry Leary did you
  3. For 75 and 80 bucks, doesn't matter what they are, you got a pretty good deal I think
  4. And you post this AFTER Christmas Brickos
  5. All I would gather from the previous thread and the pic is that Mark is/was planning to stock the repop heliums, somehow that's been shelved as some dishonest rat has sold them as NOS
  6. I have 2 kids
  7. Schrodingers helium
  8. Lol, I'm sure only the best valves were used ;-)
  9. A balloon isn't airtight, there are small holes that are 'bigger' when inflated due to stretching and as it deflates they get smaller and eventually too small for the gas to pass through, hence the balloon deflates to a point and then looks like a saggy old-man testicle
  10. Just noticed at the bottom of the different categories there's a list of the new additions with photos good idea this
  11. Those tyres!!!!!!
  12. Thanks, might try the lbs instead of Kmart
  13. Kickstands totally uncool in the day I know but that was then (and judging by the marks on the survivors I have they all used them anyway) so I currently have my bikes on dax style stands but it makes them hard to move around and impossible to remove one from the middle of a line up so I'm looking for kickstands. i figured I'd just grab a Kmart one and try it... as if life would be that easy, for some reason the angle of the stand isn't suitable for osbmxs, it angles too far forward and the bike just tips over, has anyone found some that will work thanks
  14. Yeah, lost cause I think looking for a weinmann to replace it
  15. So being a bit anal about keeping a survivor as is, is it possible to repair this, the winder adjuster for the DC brake caliper, all seems ok except the teeth thanks