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  1. as him if it's "cherry red", if he says yes it would be an interesting coincidence (possibly only to me though)
  2. perhaps i'm the only one here who has used it with no problems, about 10 years ago in the early days of the internet and buying from overseas, cast your mind back, unsure if i even knew about paypal (or did it exist?) i got a lead on a 1980 Husqvarna 500CR from a guy in Texas, we spoke on the phone a few times and the only way we could do it was western union, it was instant, yes it cost me a bundle to do it but maybe i just got an honest seller and he shipped it no problems. that was about $3k back then. it think it comes down to the seller, who they are, what country they are in etc. good luck though, be safe, i can't afford to throw $5k down the toilet and i'm guessing you can't either. cheers Steve
  3. You said it Ben! there's not much room between the rear tyre and the brake bridge
  4. mad max 1
  5. survivor cranks, seat, bottom bracket, headset, wheels, brake caliper, forks. Wait till you see the DG i got off Pete Xav, it's more to your taste
  6. bloody tight on those cranks! the spindle could have been a wee bit longer. it's solid though. i've never had to use so many spacers on a crank install!
  7. well she's done, pretty much as it is now. Very happy with it.
  8. ' agreed, front disc is gone! i can flip it on ebay to pay for my skinwall tyres it will just be a cruiser for me anyway, just to show up the daggy dads at the park on their dual suspension repco's :D
  9. so i bought this singlespeed steel mountain bike off here a bit back with unknown intentions on what to do with it (other than ride it of course). so then i thought it looked a bit boring. although it was a nice frame, Tange Infinity tubing, which was very light when i stripped it down. then i got this crazy idea to do a modern take on maybe Kos cruiser or a OM Flyer, not really but you get the point, all steel MTB frame built up like a Bmx. so this is my progress so far. Waiting on new chrome flights to finish it off. i've taken the front brake off in this pic, unsure if i'll put it back on, if i don't i'll take the disc off the front. DMR make some nice 26" skinwall "supermoto" tyres, slicks essentiallyi that'd look killer on it i think! feels just like a very big bmx before, stock bike
  10. yes i'm happy now, he was a bit irate, if i put myself in his shoes for a minute, he didn't think he left me neg feedback so the first he hears about it is my ranting emails, i can understand that. i just hope that he (yes you) put yourself in my shoes for a minute and think, this guys just left me negative feedback, a month after the transaction with no email or opportunity for me to rectify it. just a big mis-understanding is all.
  11. Well some good news. apparently all a misunderstanding. the buyer asked his girlfriend to message me those comments and they were going to leave me positive feedback but she got it mixed up. also the buyer is a member here who saw this post and was a bit upset that i started it. i don't know the member name here yet but it's not really important as i don't intend to elaborate on who it is. i'm just glad that it should be sorted. they requested i post here to explain the situation and then they would revise the feedback by the link i was given. i'm actually a little suprised by the ALL CAPS email i got from them, quite irate they seem, and here i was thinking i was hard done by :D in the end it was a mistake and that's that. hopefully should be all good here, no hard feelings on the buyer, just wish it was handled better. i have to assume at this stage that he didn't know his girlfriend left me negative feedback until i emailed him etc. fingers crossed..........
  12. agreed, i'm pretty dirty now, i reckon they paid a pretty good price for them considering the condition too
  13. good idea, i reckon i'd get more 2nd time around, that's karma!
  14. yeah i sent an email to them first so they can see it and then you can submit a request to the buyer to revise their feedback, i hope they can see sense. i reckon that would make them even more valuable knowing that! i know that if i knew that redline decal was under that aba decal i'd have taken it off and advertised them as such. here's hoping, shits me, perfect up until now and i've been selling over 10years now it's ruined my morning
  15. geez i just did a quick search and what did i find...