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  1. I spent a lot of time going over some of his thousands of posts on ozbmx when he was a member here.A very knowledgable bloke and I was lucky to have sat down and had a beer or 2 with him. Called a spade a spade no matter who it pissed off. Rip Ben.
  2. knowledgeable members are all gone. They are on other sites that you are not on.
  3. You could always just not help with info instead of complaining about it. I thought it was about using the site as a tool and preserving info. That's probably the main problem with the site now.John is still here. Should be fairly obvious to mick where the problem lies within this site. Most people will leave any site being trolled. Sunday Ian has brought much more to this site than John ever will.
  4. I'd better come over and test ride it then
  5. There's always next week if it's still here.
  6. Cheers jas Ive got everything to build it up if someone wants something complete. This would be a good pub cruiser
  7. Apollo hallmark challenger 26 inch cruiser Frame and Forks.1984 GT copy cruiser.Original chrome and decals but needs a paint if you don't like patina. First one built in 1984 Serial number 001.If this was a Bennett I'd be asking $2000 for it. Mick has a cheap wheelset for it in an earlier ad too. $200 Pickup Gold Coast or I might post at your expense if you really want it
  8. Nrl

    As much as he is a wanker geez he puts bums on seats.Ticket sales are going crazy
  9. Nrl

    Jarryd who? Cant even catch a ball
  10. Innocent enough....Just a mate asking mates for some support.Doesnt expect everyone on the forum to vote just his mates. John has the whole forum to be a tool on.Why does he have to bring his NEGATIVITY here.
  11. Voted mick...Good luck mate. At least you are out there toughing it out like most of us and not sitting on a bmx forum all day being an absolute tool.
  12. That's Gold. Awesome build Troy.
  13. Yes the og decals were the same as yours jeff. Built this is a custom build just the way I would have liked one bitd. I don't like the stickers they came out with or the shitty blue color.(No offence jeff or bunny hop)Hence I went with this metallic blue with decent parts.Waltons wouldn't of sold one built this way bitd.
  14. Surprised you haven't been attacked for that comment Tim...This is not the place to speak up anymore...Your on the outer now buddy. When you own the joint you can do what you want apparently.