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  1. Awesome Brett, great looking bike and awesome photo too......
  2. People removing the photo credit from my photos and not even asking to use the picture.......Heaps of guys ask and I have no problem with that but when they remove the credit (don't ask) and use the photo in the public domain.................
  3. Awesome stuff Tack.....great photos too.....
  4. Awesome start to 2017......Keep them coming people!
  5. This is a it!
  6. It's a great idea.......It's my philosophy behind my photography, the people are as important as the bikes. Pictures from every state is an awesome idea......A lot of positive idea being thrown around, it's great to see!
  7. It's got nothing to do with's just the people who decided to change the date forgot to post the info to the relevant social media pages including this one. They then assumed everyone is on Facebook and as we all know that is a bad assumption.......
  8. According to "the general consensus" the swap will be on Sunday 8th January, although I see "the general consensus has still not bothered to post any information.....
  9. Yes, do.
  10. I'm 6ft tall and I'm what you would call "heavy"
  11. Starting to catch up on events from the last few weeks.......Check out the pics from the Eddie Fiola dinner in Melbourne An awesome night was had by all..... Just as a token of our appreciation, a Hurstbridge show book and a 2017 Calendar were presented to Eddie on the night.
  12. Went riding with Eddie Fiola and Steven Cassap on the weekend......That was cool
  13. Yes the GT was for sale.....Not sure who it was though.