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  1. No bites?....bump
  2. FOR SALE 2014 model SE Racing Floval Flyer. Limited edition Looptail retro. This has been my race bike for the last year or so. Rides beautifully and is in excellent condition. Custom stealth silver powder coat. Was tough guy tan. Tioga Tyres and seat. (can supply with o.g tyres and chain ring and pads & seat) $600.00 will consider reasonable offers Local Pickup only Sorry (Adelaide) Dibs Rules, Speedy payment required thanks Paypal or cash on Pickup. PM contact for details.
  3. Sorry guys this ones been put on the back burner for a little while. Life has been getting in the way!! Its very close to being done but.
  4. Totally RAD mate!
  5. Cool mate! :icon_tup: How much you looking at for the stem?
  6. ok race technique sorted.
  7. Okay dudes heres where iam at. The larger lettering "GROUP 1a' come out sweet. Having trouble with the smaller stuff coming out clean. Have been searching for the font used in 'RACE TECHNIQUE' anyone know what it might be??? Maybe some closer up pics scans scruff?
  8. That'd be late 80s early 90s Vortex mini. looks like a team issue... sweet!
  9. Just need to get it looking crisp as you can get in Black and white only
  10. ^^^^^^Second that sweet blend job^^^^
  11. That is one sweet ride! Awesome job man :icon_tup:
  12. Take some photos up close mate i may be able to vectorize them in my signage software, clean them up and have them ready on file for a repro.
  13. Ok.. so the bars had a light bath. Didnt't do amazing things but got rid of the rust in the corners of the crossbrace. Polished them up with the ol Autosol and All good. Just need a new sticker for them like the one pictured...Anyone help here? I bought an ano purple chainwheel from Porkchop...put it on..errr...NO.. It just clashed with that super sexy frame, so it was time to polish up the Tracer that was on it when i got it. Came up sweet. Just awaiting some pads now and need some new pedals and we're rockin. Wanted to try and make it into Feb BOTM but looks like she'll be in March now. A few nice Haros being built though... :
  14. Hi there, after one of these if anyone can help. Thanx
  15. Cool process pics mate, you and scruff havin a! Lets see who can out Haro the other Lol. Wish i had one too. Loving the race plate too.