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  1. Got my parts back awhile ago & finally got to slap it all together ruffly to have a look & I'm really happy.. the truth is I was really happy when I got the parts back, fantastic work from Benny the colour is spot on. Spot the benny Magic??
  2. Here's some more benny magic i got awhile back, took me a bit of time to get them together but finally done, sort of. Still got some bits to get rechromed. thanks benny i'll have some more stuff soon
  3. thought I'd update my brake story. i cleaned up the tuffs, don't ask! then polished with plastic polish. Same folks that make autosol. Then found some old skyway tuff pads finned. filed them down a bit, cleaned them up with WD40. dried them good, re-adjusted the cable & *BAM MTF* they stop on a dime!!!
  4. so i've come across a frame on bmxmuseum that pretty much looks the closest i've seen to a match with the frame i have. any one know where or seen them decals?
  5. at best i think it could be a 87/88 Magnum 37?? lol was looking for the ignition switch?
  6. any idea what year??
  7. so i got this frame right! thinking i could find info on it. I've come to a dead end i have no idea. any help to id this frame would be great. model & year i'm pretty sure its a MCS Magnum something??? not sure of year?? s/n:311252 thanks.
  8. funny you mention that, was teching my neighbours son to do that yesterday.
  9. Yeah I did that, the old one's managed to pull up better. Not great but better! i've got a set of the Mathausers, are they ok for Tuffs?
  10. Yo, I've been having issues with stopping my ride using just the brakes i've pretty much tried it all except this: apparently you can have half the brake pad on the rim & the other on the wall of the tyre? any one heard of this? haven't tried it yet? 1st gen tuff II dia-comp MX1000 skyway pads OG (non fin)
  11. Thanks Mrchrome, not really riding that one. Have a silver streak that I ride. Trying to get the image up. I'm not real good with this stuff. Still lol at jakecashen's comment. Now that I've look at the image.
  12. I did say i need some finishing!
  13. Hi new to forums, registered & got stuck into finding parts forgot to say, Hi! What up! Got a couple of ride up but still need some finishing done & some clean parts. See images. Oh! Grew up in chelt, use to ride the parkdale bowl, was rusty then even worse now. These rides are sure bringing back some mad days.
  14. haha, I know I'm waiting on Brake Cable Ferrule to tide them up.
  15. Thanks mate!