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  1. My God what a tragedy, he will be dearly missed. I really feel for his young family. A bloke who has his own opinions on political correctness and the wankers who promote it, and is not afraid to share them, is very rare, and a quality that will be missed. Rest in peace big fella!
  2. Cool as to be able to bend them in that one....True old school style! Did you bend your frame tubes yourself or have then done somewhere?
  3. Very cool... Tube Bender? Looking at doing some loop tails mate? Is it pneumatic operated or just pneu. clamping? Cheers, Gary.
  4. Nice one mate. I've had my son on the bike since he was about 8 months old. Started with a rear facing top tube "Baby Capsule" type.. Then the front facing top tube type like you have shown, Then the "over the back wheel" type seat, which I must say was the most unstable option, especially when he got bigger. Then we went to a "tag along" bike from when he was about 3 1/2. He even went to sleep on the tag along once, still hanging on though. We sold the tag along to a member on here who I believe has pimped it out "old school" style. Did hundreds of Kms in all the combinations. He is now 13 and still talks about the big rides we did. He started on his own bike when he was about 5 doing 25k round trips to the beach and back home. His first old school Brissy ride was when he was about 6 yrs old! Great way to bring up the kids. Cheers, Gary.
  5. That's tops mate! Cant beat an old school ride and a few brews..... I built up a replica of a good mate's Supermax last year took it & my mate to the BMX'ing day in November.... Went to his wedding celebration a few weeks ago and him and his family/friends are still talking about how much he raves about the ride/brews/mates.... I think we have another keen participant for a few OS rides in the near future.... Cheers, Gary.
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Please tell...... Cleveland ride sounds great! Never done one myself either.... Nice & close to home!
  7. Silent Majority all the way......... Into the paddy wagon with those lice ridden rent-a-crowds! Welding - General type - Stick or mig?
  8. Great day guys. We will have to make it along more often. Awesome save by big Tone. Thought he was going to eat the bituemen at the chain loss incident......
  9. I agree with those above, Project T deserves it, and how more iconic than a big wheelie? Although the Opera House stair pic is great too...Hard to beat the group shots... Can there be a "rotating" background pic every week of so? Cheers, Gary.
  10. Hey All, At this stage my son & I will be there.... Just about the whole household is crook, except for us two... So hopefully all will be good and we will make it. Will be great to catch up over a few beers. Cheers, Gary.
  11. Go see your mate, Honestly, he will appreciate seeing you no mater what happens. Even if you "lose your shit" it doesn't matter, should even be good for you to let it go. I have been there though a few long painful endings from friends & family who have been hit with "Jack the dancer" and it surely is a difficult time, but looking back, I have no regrets. One rellie in particular was an uncle who passed away in the mid 90's. All his life he was an angry little man. Been though the Korean war in the Aust Navy. They never got any recognition for service as it wasn't a real "War" but some of the shit he seen wasn't real good which was probably one of the reasons he was such a grumpy bastard, but when a man like that holds your hand and says thanks for being there and that he thought you never really cared about him, made me see him in a very different light....Good for both of us I guess... All the best for you and your mate. Cheers, Gary.
  12. Hey Troy / Tim, You blokes explain it as I remember... Here are some classics you should relate to... Photo of the "Farewell old gate" Shared from the club & others from a neighbour who's family was involved in BMX in the early 80's and was happy for me to post them here... We are currently upgrading the start gate / hill at Redlands. Last Friday (11-11-2016) was the last race meet on the old gate, Which has been in use since 1991. That was when it was upgraded from the "Short" manual gate / latch to the hydraulic lifted 20" high gate., but all in all its been there since "83. Here are some drawings of what we are currently installing. The existing roof's over the staging area were raised up 1300mm on Saturday 12-11-16 getting ready for the new Progate & platform. The complete install will have the Redlands gate at 3.8m @ 15Deg fall. The opening event will be a SQ Shootout round in February 2017. Anyway - Back to the topic.... There was a mix of "No lanes" - Wynnum BMX Late 70's - early 80's - At Wondall Road?? A photo grabbed from earlier days of Ozbmx - Credit to Pic owner Aussieruss - 6 lane @ Gippsland? 6 lanes only at Boondall 6 lanes also at Warwick QLD Had some better pics but cant find em... Track not used since the 80's, but even had Bitumen corners! How many had them in the 80's? Us innovative Qld'ers.... 8 lanes on an early Redlands track 8 lane gate but only 6 in use on an early SEQ track - Early Tbar? The Gap? or Jindalee ? Chime in for this one anyone.?? Same gate, Same day, different moto Cheers, Gary.
  13. G'day Mate, Try sending a message to the seller and see if they will send them for you. Most of the guys here will sort overseas postage with a quick message from an overseas BMX enthusiast. Otherwise.... Send me a link to the ebay item and I will send them on to you. I have had plenty of help from BMX brothers overseas so happy to help in return. Cheers, Gary.
  14. Hey Andy, That's exactly what I was looking for mate. Thank you so much for finding it for me. I knew the info was on here somewhere, but Dammned if I could find it. All good here mate. Still tearing it up on the track every now and then. The GT24 earned another Q plate this year. Working on a new start gate / ramp for Redlands BMX, in my "spare" time (Which I don't have much of lately) How are things with you? Cheers, Gary.
  15. No info from anyone? Searched the net quite a bit for some info, but couldn't find anything re: size, or correct bearing count for each race.. I remember the "" website had a lot of info, but the web address doesn't seem to exist any more.. (Look like just a place-holder page) Cheers, Gary.