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  1. Mods could you please lock this one I'm so glad I can keep this one
  2. Lovely 83 GT pro survivor Undrilled fork, gt pr bars, early tuffs originally coaster but converted have all the suntour coaster parts to put back easy job. Dia compe mx 1000 calaper shimano lever. new grips tyres and a repo padset. Really nice bike in superb condition ready to ride. Any questions shoot away. $900 pic up mandurah WA
  3. Very nice alan got to keep them welds the star of the show
  4. Thanks guy's Alan the wheels where the first purchase for this and a nice set of wheels indeed. The frame is quite nice original ball burnished having seen some of your polishing steve no doubt you'd get it like chrome. I'll start with a light buff witch will turn into maybe I could get this like a mirror
  5. Been gathering parts for a wee while now. Frame will get a hand polish and new stickers some part's will get swapped out over time. But I'm liking the feal of it
  6. 83 gt pro New grips n tyres and custom pads
  7. Hay Mark Very nice any plans for yellow and red?
  8. Very nice
  9. Like your reply Alan lol
  10. Nice work looks so much better
  11. Now that is how a ripper should be maybe drop the dx pedals but I'm loving it
  12. Dibs gold sr pedals $40 posted
  13. Keep popping in to see the new bars. Cant picture it with another type of bars the hutch ones look gr8. Defo the white walls. Such a nice bike maybe change stikers to black gold change chain to chrome and perhaps a sugino ct crank set. If you ever sell I'd be keen lovely bike
  14. Keep coming back to look at this. One of the nicest builds I've seen.