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  1. Just wondering what year this DK stem would be? I was guessing early 90's...
  2. Paints done. Will post some more pics later.
  3. Yep haros are 2000ish. GTs are early 90s to late 90s or somewhere thereabouts.
  4. could a build take any longer? almost 2 years after I started this thread all ive managed to do is get the seatpost out. It's not like I dont want to build the frame but unfortunately decals have been whats holding it up. They just dont exist in original or repop form...well until recently anyway. A couple of months back I saw a guy from Hungary on facebook posting some earlier Homeless repops for sale. I sent him a message asking if he had any pornstar decals available which he didnt but he knew someone with an original frame he could use to have some sets done. 2 weeks later and I had 2 sets arrive on my doorstep that look for all i can tell as good as the originals. So with decals in hand I dropped off the frame to the BMX Madman today and now i sit back and wait for him match up the original yellow paint and weave his magic. I've been collecting parts for this over the last 2 years and with fingers crossed I may actually have it built for Hurstbridge later on in the year.
  5. Funnily enough i found a lever and the old flip down pegs from my original bike at my parents house awhile back so I'll actually be able to use some parts from the original bike!
  6. They came as a shell only so you had to use othet intetnals. Suntour were a popular choice.
  7. Standard Bykes coaster shell and matching hub guard.
  8. being a mid school guy i dont delve into the old school world all that much but my first real freestyle bike was an 88.5 Sport that my old man bought me when i was about 14. i cracked it in 3 places, painted it blue and it was stolen from school never to be found again. I nearly choked on my coffee when this popped up on my facebook feed at 5am the other morning for a more than reasonable price! It's in the same sort of condition the one i had back in the day was when i got it so i'll be building as a survivor as close to my old one as i can remember which was basically stock anyway with a couple of small changes.
  9. the pure amount of content on facebook alone is why people are there. im not sure anything can be done to entice people back but to be honest most of the mid school boom of the last few years has happened on facebook. ozbmx never had those guys to begin with just the few that were here went to facebook to be with the majority
  10. Like: it helped me find bmx again and resparked a passion for me. I'll always credit ozbmx for that. Dislike: all the mid schoolers have gone to Facebook. Classifieds is dead.
  11. Bought and sold a shit load on Facebook and never had a problem.
  12. As stated above. sold
  13. It was a flatland specific frame designed and ridden by flatland legend Jesse Puente
  14. ok been a little slow finishing this off but with an Melbourne Mid School Jam coming up in a couple of weeks it needs to get finished. Changed out the old motorbike chain (yes back in the mid 90's we run motorbike chains and did grinds and stalls on our sprockets!) for a new Cult 410 chain. I dont think i'll be doing sprocket grinds too much anymore. Also switched out the stupidly overbuilt Primo chain tensioner to Hoffman one which is from the same era but much more compact and i cut down the bolt. Lastly i lopped about 3/4" off the handlebars as 29" is way too wide for me saving another 34g. I run 27" on my flat bike and that seems wide so i wanted to keep in line with that a bit, mind you back then my bars were cut to about 24" so the 27" are a lot wider than what we used to run. Old chain: unknown motorbike - weight 588g New chains: Cult 410 - weight 278g Old chain tensioner: Primo venus- weight 76g New chain tensioner: Hoffman - weight 37g Current weight savings: old weight: 16.044 kg new weight: 11.593 kg net weight saved: 4.451kg