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  1. It wasnt me lol maybe just a bit
  2. Here is another one of my frames should be nice when hes finished.
  3. Sounds good to me Jeff that way i wont have to empty the trailer from the last one
  4. Hey mate can i get your phone number so i can give you a call cheers Glen


    1. twin



  5. They were done elsewhere looking at doing as much as i can in house.Gives me more scope to customize my frames.
  6. And yes looptails handlebars and a few other rear ends
  7. All pneumatic hydraulic mate
  8. Here's a photo of my new restoration project now that's old school
  9. Yes Tim send me a pm if your after one cheers thanks Olds cool
  10. And another getting built
  11. And another one on the drawing board this one will be a 20 inch prototype .
  12. Hi guys haven't been on for a while here are a few of the builds I have been doing
  13. All packed and ready to go should be able to help with bbq got a trailer load of gear to get rid of see you there