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  1. Picked up this new school frame bike the other day. DK cranks, headset and bars and Kink seat. Just trying to ID the frame. Serial number U***U**** and there is a C on both sides on the back of the frame above the axle. Not sure how easy it will be and hope someone can help. Thanks another two photos
  2. Hey, Hoping someone can HBO. Just got my wife's Haro Revo back from paint and it's time to start putting it all back together. I have a few questions re the brake detangler system. The bike requires a 1 1/8 system. I don't want to reuse the old system as the seals are cracked and the metal is all rusted so I believe I will have to buy a new one. Basically I thought I might be able to buy a standard headset and try to pick up the detangler and flange bit that the cables run though, but thought this could be a bad idea.... Does anyone know of a specific system to put in complete with bearings as a headset and where to get it? I have checked around and can only find modern ones (I am unsure if they are the same - as they look nothing like the one I pulled out..)Hope this makes sense and apologies for being a punish. Kreamy,
  3. Some awesome looking lawns on here. My front yard has got the lawn grub and the african beatles. I sprayed recently and now the front lawn is half dead. Got some urgent repairs before winter. @miamibmx, how true. I remember some old dude chased my mates and I in his car because we locked our back brakes up across his Couch seeing who could get the longest skid. Pretty disrespectful looking back now - had fun though.
  4. I love a nice patch of grass and thought it might be a good thread to start for the lawn lovers. Attached are two photos of mine. Grass - Sir Walter Watered - Daily in Summer, once a week in Winter. Fertilised - Twice a year Cut - Twice a week in Hotter weather, once a week in colder months. Average blade length 2 inches. Zero weeds at the moment. Look forward to seeing what else is out there.
  5. Hey, welcome. Can't wait to see some pics.
  6. My first go at a resto, thanks to all who gave me advise along the way. Bike is a Haro Group 1 Ri. Thanks to LocoCustoms for the hook up with seal, fits a treat. The bike is named 'Lori' after Lori Loughlin from Rad. Sounds better than taking Christian for a ride lol. Pretty stoked the way it turned out - and cant wait to take it for a ride. I hope to join everyone on a Sydney ride one weekend. More photos to be attached soon. Next builds: Haro Revo (In paint) - 1985 Mongoose Californian - Redline Romp.
  7. Hawai'i is our fav place in the world. I am sure you will have a good time. Agree 100% with Miamibmx. Jimmy buffets rocked. We loved eating at the cheesecake factory too - that was sensational. Check out the zoo as well. Its like a 15 minute buss ride and pretty cheap, depending on how much time you have. Be sure to take a walk along the beach at sunset - just to pick up the vibe. Don't let the locals hustle a brother into getting 'leid'. They put the lei around the person and then hit them up for $30 bucks. You could get blown on the beach for less. Be sure to have a perve. I think down near KFC is a bit dicey after dark. I know a guy who had to pay $150 to saying hi to a chick, turns out her pimp was to impressed. Not sure who you are flying with, but workth checking on the way back to see if you can upgrade your seats. Cost us $150 each to upgrade to first class. Have fun
  8. I wonder if she has been wearing the same pair of panties for the last 9 years.
  9. welcome .....nice frame
  10. 9 years of smoking cock for an easier life in prison. Wonder if that will make it into the mini series. Keep me posted. Chanel 9 can smoke my fat before I watch it. Off topic, where does Chanel 7 get off referring to 'INXS' as the worlds biggest rock band? Cracking them. They were big but not the biggest.
  11. Lol. I've watched it so many times. Really cracks me up
  12. I believe its steel. Photos attached. Just sprayed WD40 down there with a little bash and hope. I like it tight, but not this tight. I will try again once it cools down out side. Thanks for the replies.
  13. Hey man, also check your local skate park (if you have one ). Put up a page on facey called 'finding my gt' or whatever her name was and share it on the ozbmx facey site, I will share it. Once it gets circulated it will reach thousands. Hope you find it mate. Punks
  14. Thanks guys, sorry about the repost of a thread, don't punt me. Thanks for the advise guys, my bro has a vice so I'll pop up there, but will try the other ideas first. I'll go with least destructive first. I'll keep you 'posted' lol