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  1. Sometimes it's just better to hang on to everything.
  2. A pair of alloys for $50 ? That's cheap, even if they are no name. Can't believe they haven't sold yet.
  3. Does anyone know anything about Oxford BMX's. I have someone offering me one supposedly from the 80's. I don't have any pics yet and i haven't seen it. I'm guessing it is some kind of Kmart bike or something cheap. I don't know what type of parts it might have come out with. Not sure if it is going to be worth the effort of getting it, as it will have to come from a good distance from me.
  4. Nice looking bike. If you don't sell it before the next swappy, maybe bring it down some we can have a good look at it.
  5. Good pickup. Going to be a great looking bike with a start like this.
  6. Dibs brake set and payed.
  7. Try and convince the missus that red is the way to go. Looks too good the strip. Tell her the red makes her look younger or something .
  8. Wow, what a selection so far. This is going to be a hard month to chose a winner, especially if more bikes like these show up.
  9. Nice find and good score. Looks like i will have to keep an eye on this restoration. Looking forward to it.
  10. Nice bike. Good job.
  11. Nice build and good looking bike.
  12. I love all your Haro's. You have an awesome collection. I must be proud of the great job you have done on them. This is another of my favorites from your collection.
  13. I LOVE this bike. If i owned this, it would sleep in my room. And if the wife didn't like that, she could go in the other room.
  14. Wow, that is nice. Top job.
  15. Will be good to see how this turns out. I can then use yours as a reference point for mine. They actually ride pretty good, you will like it.