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  1. Hmmm, the word of caution... probably a good idea. Will go with a test first. Thanks
  2. Excellent, thanks guys, I'll give it a shot.
  3. Does anyone know if paint stripper will also strip anno? I have a black anno seat clamp that has a layer of paint that I would like to remove, without damaging the anno. Suggestions welcome.
  4. Looking great John, I love the white tuffs on it.
  5. Lucky I didn't leave without checking here first... See you on the 16th!
  6. Awesome collection Thanks for sharing!
  7. Sounds like fun, I'll see if I can get all the stuff together, I'll see you there one way or another. Here's a pic, more in the build forum.
  8. Looks great! I just finished my rider hotfoot too. Maybe see you at knox... don't know if I'll be up to racing yet... Haven't been on a bmx for a long time, and it feels really small, might take a bit longer than I thought to get used to. Must have spent too many years on a MTB.
  9. Thanks guys There's always so much help and encouragement here, it makes it all the more fun.
  10. getting back into it

  11. Well here it is, my first build. This is the 1984 Hotfoot that I started with. After learning all about OA baths, buffing and polishing mops, this is what I have ended up with. This has been great fun and a good learning project for me. I hopefully have ended up with a fun rider and some experience to put towards my next build... coming soon!
  12. Great racing guys! It was a good show and fun to watch. John, that jump on the double was ... breathtaking! Nice meeting a few more of the guys too! It is always good to put faces to names. See you next time.
  13. Great pics! I love the city shots with old blokes on bikes! Who's organising one for us in Melbourne?
  14. Yeah, thanks Volcano, I tried searching there, no luck with a search, short of looking at every single image that isn't labeled... thought it might be easier to ask. It doesn't seem that most people are too opposed to posting up pics of their gear.
  15. I'm looking into a new set of wheels and am hoping you guys can help make the colour decision easier. I think I want to go with black hubs, stainless spokes, black nipples and gold rims... but I'm not sure. Does anyone have this combo? Or something similar? Can you please post some pics to help me decide.