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  1. 1st gen Redline
  2. How this.. NOS
  3. Before Hutch there were the Titron pedals
  4. Yep my pics are too big , where in the settings iPhone do you downsize
  5. Thanks Jezza Norm has eating disorder Xav ..
  6. Sweet thanks Jimmy , how did you go in SA Did George , Jeff and Scott travel well
  7. As soon as the new program , no probs
  8. Where is Kicks ? He's just opened up his own biz in Frankston
  9. I love the clown , even got Danny to put it on my arm
  10. Looks killer ..
  11. Malakaroonies , mr proline , kippy And a few other names I have called him over the years .. Lol
  12. That's your last warning , flog
  13. It's a hard addiction to steer away from I have recently sold off a lot of parts and a dozen bikes To buy a muscle car and take my kids away For Bmx racing
  14. Yes can't wait for the pics Sorry I couldn't make it over .. I really wanted to
  15. Need to learn my way around again .. But these old fellas have the best in the world Will be very cool
  16. Sweet .. Thanks
  17. When will the new pic upload feature be online Mark And is it similar to the fbook After a few years I am sure there are A dozen bikes that I haven't added
  18. Does this mean Robertos is back on
  19. Blue looks rad , hard to understand why these frame sets weren't more common bitd
  20. Thanks mickey ..hood trouble
  21. Hello peeps
  22. Maryborough track QLD about sept 2008...not oldskool..but a track
  23. Galindo Cranks
  24. Well i finally got one and probably the best survivor frame in the world.. 1980 Nomura.. very rare and exotic.. I missed one about 18 months i just couldn't pass this one up..