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  1. May need to add a set to the bike trailor door !!
  2. Wow ! Thanks for the support! !! Its ok these shows fund them selfs !!!
  3. TIME IS RUNNING OUT TO PRE ORDER YOU SHOW T-SHIRTS !! ok guys and gals I am now taking paid pre show orders for the shows t-shirts in all sizes .. they will be for sale on the day of the show in limited numbers ( SIZES SMALL TO XLARGE )(KIDS AND 2XL AND ABOVE PRE ORDERS ONLY ) so if you want to make sure you don't miss out this is how to secure yours.. kids sizes , small , medium large , x large ect....... ONLY PRE PAYED ORDERS CAN BE HELD .. PRE SHOW ORDERS END THIS SUNDAY NIGHT I have to do it this way due to people pre dibsing and not paying for there shirts prior to the show and just buying them of the girls on the day when ive had theres put aside and ive been stuck with unsold shirts. all t-shirts are $25 pick up or $32 posted ( 1 week prior to show ) when placing an order please state sizes you need aswell as what color shirt you need ... black or white all payment to our paypal address please
  4. my 81 Torker 26"
  5. I'm the same .... cant reach tis page !!
  6. looks like a torker 2 rock on
  7. not sure ... I'm sure it will turn up next swap will post some pics if its there.. I'm sure we can arrange it to go to a different state if any 1s driving down for the hurstbridge show in august and have space to fit it in !!
  8. it was at last months st kilda swap .. has been past to the next rider..
  9. Locked upon request of seller..
  10. Wow ! This month's gonna be a hard 1 to vote on ... Any of them could take it out !!!!
  11. Arrived today !
  12. another fineeee piece from the house of funky !!!