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  1. Dibs cranks
  2. NIL ACS hubs, just in case i have a few z-rims getting blasted at the moment
  3. I have a few sets of z-rims and was only looking at my hubs on the weekend wondering what to do, might have to give this a go! Anyone want to sell a front to even up my pairs
  4. That frame is different to the bennett one, has a a small gusset and team style forks
  5. Yeah it does have aero style tubes, if you look at my pic you can see the shape of the zip ties holding the brake cacle
  6. I have one of each, a Moose and a bennett
  7. Yep a bargain, dibs chainwheels/bolts
  8. that's 30mm or 1 1/8 imperial
  9. http://www.msn.com/en-au/video/watch/man-travels-australia-in-storm-trooper-suit-for-charity/vi-AAaqkDK?ocid=mailsignout
  10. For those on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chilli-Obsession/165125086856986?fref=ts
  11. We are looking for a larger pool in Melbourne, around 9m x 4m and after having a few companies come around and give us quotes and opinions, the prices ranged from 30k to 75k and left us more uncertain about which way to head than at the beginning
  12. Bear is on that one too
  13. Mine weren't completes either, but anyway here's 3 my other i can't get to at the moment 1196752 2167 - Inside Baseball 1809 - Inside Baseball
  14. We used to strip and polish as far back as 1980, used to buy caustic at woolies and a group of us would do it together, it came about as a way of using parts that weren't the color we wanted, of course the finish was not any where near what guys are doing now, but we were happy and usually a bit burnt
  15. I purchased my first Moosegoose brand new as a frame & fork from Pegasus, swapped everything i could from my old bike and then bought new z-rims for it, so they were the first set of wheels ever installed on it, so as far as i am concerned there is no OG look for me