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  1. Flipside i think
  2. Can't embed this one, but this dude has some mooooves!
  3. Well i have got a claim in, my first claim in over 8 years of paypalling people. Not a bad ratio really. But it goes to show that if you are having trouble getting it out, just let people know early in the piece,
  5. by all means Pm me also, havent received my stuff either, got a claim in also,
  6. Has anybody seen their stuff yet? Haven't seen my package yet.
  7. Anyone heard anything yet?
  8. Launny here, i know a few bmx dudes around the city that arent on the forums, so if you are chasing a part or particular bmx, lemme know and i shall put the feelers out!
  9. Yeah am waiting for a F/F + bashplate also, hope all is ok
  10. 20B goodness!!! Love the rotors, had 5 or so rx7's now and a couple other projects that never took off! But have always told my mrs that my 40th birthday present is going to be a s6-s8 rx7!!!
  11. Yeah i knew i was pretty lucky to snag them, One was off eBay and one was off the gumtree site.
  12. 2 zippos in 2 weeks................only 2 that have popped up on the radar for years. Lucky enough to snag them both. First was the one with the 8 ball disc, 1998 model? second is the one with the red highlights...........virtually stock! 1999 model?
  13. Showstopper tobymac..............old skool bmxs galllllooore
  14. His feedback history as a seller is quite checkered too.