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  1. You can ask me also
  2. Great bike!
  3. Here's mine. Click on the image:
  5. I also have this original Zeronine stadium plate for sale that was fitted to CW bars on a CW Phaze 1. eMail:
  6. We filled that section with lots more history also, not just products. Check it out:
  7. We're sold out
  8. We're taking orders for the new CW Phaze 1 24" Cruiser. Limited run of 20 at first. Only 5 left. PayPal USD $500 to with balance of USD $500 + shipping on completion. Questions to
  9. Wow, super clean. Love the mix of tubing on the frame, forks and bars. Awesome.
  10. Oh yeah, a topic very dear to my heart. Need to wait until the weekend to shoot my holy grails.
  11. If you have the earlier version without the drilled rear dropout, you want the Santa Anna versions. If you have the later Pro Series with the slanted and stamped top tube where it pierces the seat tube, you want the 4130 chromoly version. I may have spares.
  12. Non knurled. I have a spare set. Sending you a PM now.
  13. Awesome! Love them all.
  14. Ha! Cool. Plenty more where they came from if you want more
  15. I have this one and it will be for sale. I don't have every bike I've ever had in the past and I still have a lot more to get through. I don't plan to keep every bike but I will be keeping some for a permanent collection when I eventually move back to Sydney.