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  1. Nice one Dave, glad to see you're forging ahead with this build. Cant wait to see it built.
  2. I also recently build up a Gack Cannibal for the Mid School Heavy Weight Build Off. It came in at 17.52kg, not as heavy as I expected, but still a tank. I carved a bit too high on this double peg grind. It did drop down to the coping though. lol
  3. I took the Terrible One Barcode out for a ride at the recent Melbourne Mid School BMX Jam, we had about 30 riders throughout the day come down to Elwood bowl and have a ride, share a BBQ and a lot of laughs. A pic of me throwing an X-up
  4. Nice one Scotty, looks rad. That T1 Barcode is a treat too.
  5. Nice work Mark, looks a treat. Well done
  6. Hi Phoebe, I was fortunate enough to have met Wes a number of times, he was a great guy. Wes was a fan of TNT bikes and even bought a frame off me to add to his collection. I'm based in Geelong, but im happy to assist you with advise or helping you move them on. If you'd like, send me a PM and I'll be in contact
  7. Here's a pic of my Profile Rocket. I've tried to load it up with as many profile goodies as i can including the original Profile aluminium forks (which most didn't survive), GAS pedals, SS hubs, seat, clamp, stem, chain wheel, bar ends, tensioners and of course the cranks and hubs. I don't think Profile frames get the recognition they deserve. They really are works of art.
  8. Looking more fitting with 48's.
  9. Let's see Jamie weave his magic on those wheels.
  10. Nice Eastern. They made some great frames, unfortunately the company is now defunct. Made a few changes to the Trail Boss. I had a couple spare polished bits lying around, so I thought I'd out them to use.
  11. There is a TRLS250 frame for sale on the Midschool BMX Buy Swap and Sell page on Facebook.
  12. Kris Bennett