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  1. I think i soiled my pants!!!
  2. Cobra???
  3. Whatever it is if you want another one i have one also.. Just a cheapee!
  4. I concur!! goose
  5. Cooool..Well done Pete!
  6. Hi guys Is anyone around that way to pick up two mag wheels asap till i can get them couriered to me in Brissy?? Cheers Pete 0417 195 675
  7. Good innings but still a sad day for aussie motorsport..
  8. Lanotec or similar will work great
  9. If you are doing a retro room the best condition items is the way to go. You can always swap out items along the way.. They dont seem too sell for too much but always people think, oooh ! !thats old it must be worth a fortune as its an antique!! Usually wrong!! Do a bit of Ebay searching and you will see for yourself.
  10. The rims with it were Sun Mistral (usa) and early GT sealed bearings and Comp 3 tyre.. sugino Gt 165 cranks and Tange Connect three headset. Seat post is smaller than normal too No Serial anywhere i can see. That was my way of thinkin to Gav..
  11. Hi Guys i got this and some other stuff over the weekend and have done lots of searching to no avail.. All input welcome! Cheers Pete P.S This one is not required so once i know what it is its on the block as Frame and Fork..
  12. I had the exact same problem with my Two four and Ukai/bullseyes.. I just drilled the fork.. do what ya gotta do.i say!!!
  13. Sweet jesus ... That is nice!!
  14. PM sent
  15. Hang in there Pete... Cheers Pete