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  1. Dibs on the SE Racing trakky pants. PM sent.
  2. And thanks for the 2nd prize in the Raffle.. The cruiser rides great.... Cheers...
  3. Wat a fantastic day.....Massive Thanks to Mickey & Billy and all the rest of the guys for a great job....Well done. It was my first time showing my bikes at the show and it wont be my last. Me and my family loved it... Great weather..... Great bunch of people..... And all the bike were unbelievable.... Thanks again and i will see you all at the 2015 BMXPO....
  4. Its going to be my first show that im bringing bike to.. Im hopefully bringing 8 bikes with me.... See all you guys there.... I cant wait for this 1.....
  5. I will get a extra large. Thanks.
  6. As for the factor on the bike (to me ) it mean the finished product,you don't have to have the best of the best bike or parts.(but it shore dose help). Its the way the bike comes together at the end (color combo,originality,rarity,choose of parts,etc) Everyone is different and in the BMX world we can express our differences with the way we like our bikes to be seen and the positive comments we give each other. There is not 1 bike in the BOTM that dosent deserve to be here because of all the hard work we guys put in them. (or if your lucky to have a survivor) all the work has be done. This is just my point of view on the factor of the bikes on BOTM.It the finished product.
  7. That Quad's neat.
  8. Hi guy can anyone tell me what size allen key bolts and nuts are needed for a 85 PK ripper frame seat pole tube. Cause i recently got 1 from the states and it arrived with no allen key bolts and nut. Or were I can get a set from. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  9. Hi guy I recently purchased 4 BMX show stand that hug the frame just behind the bottom bracket. and when I receive them the gap between the 2 rods on the stand wasn't wide enough to fit on my frame on a 90 degree angle let alone folding back towards the rear wheel. Can and 1 tell me the gap needed for old school frames. They are black and have a the zed stand sticker on them P.S the two rods have a plastic tube on them as well. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  10. Thanks guys. Here's a pic of my Daughter in action. (Keeping BMX'en alive)..
  11. HI guys this is my first BOTM so here i goes. I built this bike for my daughter cause she loves racing BMX. Its a 2012 PK Ripper Team frame with all good bites. Frame: 2012 PK Ripper Team. Forks: Vendetta Racing (Tommy Guns). Stem: Vendetta Promax. Bars:Bombshell Team Carbon. Grips: Lizard skins. Rims: 1 1/8 Bombshell SL rims,Bombshell spokes and Bombshell Fatboy Hubs. Tires: Maxxis T.D.H. Bottom Bracket: BOX Race Pred BB. Cranks: Bombshell Spinnergy 2 pc. Pedals: Answer Power boosters. Brakes: Bombshell 686 brake arms with Bombshell brake lever. Seat and Pole: BOX Echelon set with Carbon pole. Clamp: Bombshell Ridea. I hope you like this new schooler.
  12. Thanks for your help guys. I appreciate it. Cheers.