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  1. Found this in the shed today. 83 model? Original parts are the frame, cranks and bearings, sprocket, seat post and headset. Forks are off a Haminex and other parts found here and there.
  2. That's awesome. Is it survivor or restored? Post some pics soon. Mine is Feb 82, no 127, built by Darryl. ( just a little younger than yours).
  3. Their awesome to race and ride. Did heaps of it in the 80's. I'm late 40's now. My son gets it out and rides at every opportunity. I'll stick with the MTB (6ft4@120kg) I'd worry about braking something.
  4. Thanks for the pic. It's top shelf. Who did the frame? Darryl did mine.
  5. Is yours an original survivor or have restored? It's great to know there's others out there.
  6. The picture posted was the first I'd seen of the 26 quicksilver. Had only seen a 26 mongoose. Our local bike shop got one and I had to have it. It was originally like the one in the add, crome and blue.
  7. I purchased as a complete bike. I saw the add in a mag and being a tall kid wanted one as 20inch didn't work to well.
  8. Thanks, I'll see what I can dig up may take a day or two.
  9. Yes mine came new with the nitto (blue). I replaced it with a longer fluted alloy type and it was .2 machined off not .5. Sorry for the typo. Would one of those nitto posts be for sale?
  10. The pedals are stored with the other original bits. I've had the bike since new and have tried to preserve pedals, brake leavers front spider/sprocket etc.
  11. One other thing a 22.4mm seat post doesn't fit my Quicksilver, had to get .5 machined off to fit. I have seen a NOS with a 22.4mm. So who knows maybe they are NOS or a modern day copy.
  12. The bottom bracket tube is wider and the frame running back to the rear dropouts is different as well.
  13. It's all Australian and it's the time of year to celebrate. My Quicksilver has had a little upgrade being the festive season. Have kept it original as much as possible with only new tyres, seat, cables, pedals and grips. I will post some photos soon.