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  1. IBTL
  2. What's this section for...?
  3. Classic - Botany rides were the goods. '
  4. Strictly BMX apparently
  5. Thread bump - Breaking news
  6. Just a beater to get to work on 'ey... Very nice
  7. Wasn't a big fan of the new school Shimano DX until I saw a polished set out on a ride. Picked up a good cheap pair that were painted white.
  8. I'm a sucker for OPCs but some Pro Class 3pc on this would be the ducks guts.
  11. Sucks that it comes from someone supposedly so knowledgeable. The type that are the first to yell "repops are ruining the hobby" then happily rort others in the hobby. Greed is ruining the hobby. Johnny come latelys aren't the ones knowingly making the fake stuff and profiting. Shame.
  12. Depends if you get a fair hearing if not, have a few beers and tell them to their face Superstar - Sportsman or musician?
  13. Yep - staff are currently looking into the issue. Sweet - looks like the covers are inter-changeable. Cheers
  14. Chris - can I see a photo of the Mesinger rails / guts when you have a chance. Cheers