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  1. Rockin! All done here, thanks guys
  2. Frame sold, Stem still up for grabs.
  3. A couple of items up for grabs tonight, Dibs says you have bought it, I am happy with either paypal or direct deposit, Postage will be charged exactly what it costs at the post orrifice with sign on delivery being the only way I will post an item due to Ausposts inability to organise a root in a brothel let alone getting an item to the right place. Items are sold as is so ask questions and take a good look at pics. Supermax cromo frame only, no cracks I can find, a couple of marks on the underside which look to be factory due to them being under the chrome, and yes that was a Redline BB shell LOL so my thinking is this was manufactured here in Australia at the Gardner Bros facility. Chrome is not great and previous owner has covered bad bits up with silver paint so would need either re-chrome or blast and powder/paint or leave as is for a survivor or retro racer. $120 + post Nitto MX2 stem blue in pretty decent condition, with some marks on the back and minimal fade with original wedge bolt and alloy wedge, not too bad for a survivor that is well over 30 years old; will clean up well. $120 + post
  4. Just picked up a set of pink OE's pretty happy with them as I thought they only came in white and black.
  5. I had a similar issue with a suppliers website a while back it turned out to be my isp's routing.
  6. Similar to the alenax?
  7. One that grinds my gears is Faun...I guess they mean FUAN LOL And SUZIE instead of SUZUE shits me too
  8. The Pinarello actually has drop bars mate and Campy electronic gearing, it's a bit dodgy at the front derailleur tho so the owner has dropped in for me to have a sussy of it. Beautiful bike I have to admit, I have another customers Moser in the backroom and have had another from the same guy in for work as well, I see some nice bikes at the shop including a Merckx EMX525 full carbon jobby farout that thing was nice!
  9. Thanks man, as usual you are a great help! Frame number: C24723D This ones growing on me haha and will be a good survivor project I reckon.
  10. What is the go with the different headtube lengths? I just got a 24 and it has the 5 1/4 headtube, and most of the stock bit's including the Addicks post clamp it seems to have had a change of seat and also the front chainwheel. Is there a spec sheet on these?
  11. If there was ever a time there should be a Like button on a forum; it's now!
  12. Yah I agree it looks to be a Cobra with a few changes.
  13. Awesome stuff Mick
  14. Invada PRO AM 24
  15. Use a wheely bin mate LOL they work a treat