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  1. how do i find out if it is
  2. hahahaa yeah mate there not going to bad, its good daisy got a week. ready for watson to steal the brownlow
  3. three doors down. this is a story of a girl, acdc, shook me all night long
  4. hey bud cheers, been working mate been flat out havent been on for a while im like a newbie again
  5. here we go i got some new favourite songs this is a story of a girl by three doors down and the fray how to save a life and you found me.. tell us your favourite songs at the moment enjoy.
  6. im back fellas i was at work today and caught a glimpse of a old style looking bmx bike it was chrome and very light,i didnt end up getting pictures but the cerial number is cw01800627 if thats any help.cheers
  7. trade it for gear for my crisp dad and do it up for me
  8. it doesnt bother me what they think mate i know there at the farm ive seen them and thats where my boss got his to hq monaro bodys from
  9. 6th of november im off to get the torries from a abandoned farm
  10. cover you in oil,sink the pink,shake your foundations highway to hell....
  11. i might sell mine maybe.... might
  12. are you gonna sell it gus?
  13. hahahahaha classic
  14. theres about 5 awesome toranas in the paddock just sitting there im trying to get them now
  15. for me too know use to find out