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  1. This is in the wrong thread I know, just letting you know that the Malvern Star with all the good bits on it is gone. Thanks local member.
  2. Thanks guys, id bring them around if I did'nt have to bring them back.....for the right price though. And guys, im on the Gold Coast. $275.00 each. Take the good stuff off and chuck the rest, i dont care. Look at the pictures carefully, they do have some good gear on them.
  3. Hi guys, I was just wondering when the next swap meet is on in Brisbane/Gold coast as i want to get rid of some of my bikes. I'm over it, just keeping a few special ones. I'll be parting bikes if thats what it takes.
  4. Hey guys, I thought some of you might be interested in this story. About 5 years ago I was still right into building as many bikes as I could get but my wife wasnt real keen on me building a 13th bike so I relucantly agreed that I would build no more. One day I was up at Bennys house, you know, bling Benny, the guy who restores and builds wheels. Well, I was only after a set of 24" ukai rims that I could put on the 87 GT cruiser I just bought. I got my rims and also a bonus, It was a brand new 2008 DK General Lee cruiser frame still in the box. I paid for the rims but he offered me the frame so naturally I thought about it for what seemed like seconds and said something like Hell Yeah! Now I hadn't heard of these before but it didn't matter, I had myself a new cruiser...... well frame at least. On my way home I thought my wife will never believe that I was just given a bike so I had to think quick and I ended up taking it to my parents place where it has sat for the last 5 years. BUT, over the years I did purchase all the bits and pieces I needed to build it up to a fine cruiser. Then I forgot about it. Last weekend I went into the Pedal Shop at runaway bay which happens to be owned by James ( charlieabbatt) on this site and I saw all of the new Retro bikes that are now coming in from many brands. This jolted my poor memory and I thought stuff it, im gonna build that bike and just show up with it at home. This took a lot of guts to do because now i've been keeping this secret for 5 years and that did'nt go down well. Anyway, it's done now and here it is. Hope you guys like it as much as I do.
  5. Good score...
  6. Is somebody looking for Bretto...... here I am. Thanks for the kind words guys, but your only saying that because its true. What a great photo, ahh, those were the days. I just got off the phone from Kosi, it was really nice of him to call up outta the blue like that, thanks Brett (reddevil) for passing on my number. I still have 7 bikes out of the 12 or so i had. They are ... 1980 Kos Kruiser, 1980 Team Mongoose, 1987 Eric Rupe Mongoose, 1987 GT Kruiser, 1986 Malvern Star, 1999 GT Interceptor and still only half built a 2009 DK General Lee Kruiser. These days im more into surfing a 9'6" longboard and making my own longboard skateboards that are copies of real longboard surfboards. I guess I keep my bikes because they are kinda rare and I like having something that no one else has got but wish they did. Im oldschool all the way in the toys I choose to have. Life was just better and I cant let go. Just to throw a spanner in the works, I bought a new Falcon XR6 and I love it, I am a Ford guy, always have been. If I could remember how to put up photos I would of just stuff that may interest some of you. To bad, I cant remember... Im 51 yrs old but only look 49 and act like an idiot 20 something. We are all just big kids, well I am anyway. Thanks to all the Brisbane guys for some great times over the last coupla years and all the guys and gals on OZ. Im still around so i'll catch ya later...
  7. nice one, id love to have an old race car...
  8. Thanks Todd, from all of us Downunder, thanks for your kindness and a Merry Xmas to you and your family.
  9. where and when, i wanna come to.
  10. Happy Birthday Glenn, stay young.
  11. when I get some free time, I like to make retro longboards (as in Malibu surfboard looking skateboards). Here are just a few.
  12. they look real to me... bloody good a.
  13. Went to Gold Coast bike feast....................................not what i thought. Saw some cool looking mountain bikes, if only i had a spare $4.500.
  14. There is a Big bike gathering and ride this Sunday at Broadbeach which the council have organised. From 10am at the big park at Broadbeach. Mite go.
  15. Hey Peat, i;ve got exactly the same set up as you........ the Canon 7D, 18-135 lens and a 70-300 lens. If you know what your doing, you can get some good photos but I to like you want a better, faster lens. I guess ill keep saving.