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  1. S&m

    Cheers for the above stem Tristan!! Awesome bit of kit!! Going on the Holmes ASAP!!
  2. S&m

    Tristan... that Redneck is sweet!'
  3. S&m

    Like wise Gordy good to put a face to the name. How did you end up at the Aussies?? For the first time at the Nats I thought it was a well run event. Now back at work... Head down arse up!!
  4. S&m

    Have look at this sneek peek from S&M!!
  5. S&m

    Here's a link to the schedule. http://www.bmxaustralia.com.au/site/cycling/bmx/downloads/2013%20Nationals/Schedule/National%20Championships%20Schedule%2011.4.13.pdf My young bloke Ben Pepper is racing in the 9 Boys. Aussie Assualt on Friday, Pre Nationals on Wednesday and Nationals (Block 1) on Friday. Good luck to all that are competing! Stu
  6. S&m

    Hey Fellas, Current schedule for racing is, Tuesday - practice for all age group from 11am to 5pm. Wednesday - practice from 7 am to 11am with Pre Titles event from 1pm to 5pm. Thursday - sprockets from 9am to 12pm, provoke/champbikx from 12pm to 7pm. Friday - National Titles 20" in blocks, firstly is 8,9,10,17+women,40-49 women,30+ men,40-44 men,35-39 men from 9am until completed. Block 2 is 11,12,17-24 men,13 boys,11,12,13 girls,25-29 men, 45-49 men, 50+ men until finished. Saturday - National Titles 20" from 14s up to Elite from 8:30 practice, racing starts at 11am until 4pm. Cruiser practice after that. Sunday - National Titles 24" all day from 8am practice, 10am start. If there are changes I'll try and let you know.
  7. S&m

    Our total luggage weight per person was 23kg. The total for bike, tool bag, spares and cloths came in at 23.2kg. No questions asked... It went straight on! I'll see ya there!!
  8. S&m

    Those suit cases look to work well. I couldn't be bothered to be honest to got that far, so I garbed a DK Golf bag. Front wheel and bars only. Plus it'll take all his clothes as well!! I'll keep an eye out for you and come say G'Day. Are you doing the Pre Nats??
  9. S&m

    Hey S&Mers how are you all?? I'm currently relaxing on the Gold Coast before my young blokes big week of Nationals next week. Anyone on here racing or going to the Nats?!?!?! Going to head out to Ashmore so the young bloke can stretch his legs and to see what QLD has to offer! Have a good one!
  10. S&m

    Tiki anyone!!!! http://bmxmuseum.com/forsale/87136#.UUZa7voayc0
  11. S&m

    Wealth of knowledge Gordy.. Any info on when Kyle Bennett rode for S&M and what he rode on?? I got interested after reading a bit about him after his death but can't find to much apart from that he was sponsored by S&M?!?!?
  12. S&m

    Cheers Gordy.. That makes sense !
  13. S&m

    Kyle Bennett would have been 16 in '95, so have my douts if they would've had a specialist race jersey for him ?
  14. S&m

    Not sure myself.... He wouldn't be the first one to stop racing and hit the trails!!!
  15. S&m

    Cheers mate, I'll see how I go.... It'll be good to catch up with a few of the boys!! This is the Jersey... I just assumes that Kris Bennett was a street/trails rider... did he race for S&M as well???