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  1. I've been having just the slightest (very small) thought of selling my Carl Burris (original F/F by the way) build. My collection is getting a bit too large...
  2. Well, at least you didn't pay big dollars!
  3. He never actually states they are GT 'California" pads and the auction is very nondescript, so not sure there is much that can be done... The seller has been contacted be a member on BMXS and it seems the seller is aware they are not real. Pretty lame if you ask me.
  4. Hey all far away collectors. In the event you are not aware, there are a number of fake GT "CalifoSnia" pads being sold on ebay right now. This set in particular is going for way too much Yes, they say CalifoSnia and not CalifoRnia and are NOT original pads as stated... There are several discussions going on regarding these including this one: Just in case you were not aware, please spend wisely.
  5. It looked mean back in the day and your tribute bike does it justice for sure!
  6. I so wanted to bid on it, but trying to cut back on more bikes right now...
  7. I know where I can get you an original copy of the magazine with that review. Maybe $10 plus shipping. Just saw it yesterday at a buddies house.
  8. Not sure that one needs restoring, looked pretty darn good. You guys are always taking them out of the USA.
  9. Ah! You are right.
  10. Hi All, I'm writing an article on the Flying Rhino Axeblade (the first version) and I am wondering if anyone has actually seen an Axeblade with "Flying Rhino" decals on the downtube? I have seen just "Rhino" version with the Flying Rhino decal on the head-tube, but never one with "Flying Rhino". The only picture I have seen is the one I posted above of Carl Burris racing his Flying Rhino Axeblade, but this was a prototype frame.
  11. Would love to have a copy of that!
  12. Figured it out myself and had an artist draw and interpretation.
  13. Working on getting the "Flying Rhino" decals recreated. Here's a quick preview. Need to add a couple details, but it's getting close. The only real reference I have to work from are the Dec 1980 and Jan 1981 ads for Kashimax Pads in BMX Action magazine that has a picture of the Flying Rhino.
  14. I know that F/F well. They are in very clean shape. Didn't know he was selling...
  15. The only thing that seems consistent is the gusset with the slight bend. Does anyone have a Rhino that doesn't have a slight bend in the gusset?