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  1. not sure couldnt see a serial or stamp
  2. yeah not sure why but i likes the look of them i was told the redline frames back in the day were sold and you built them up to a personal choice not sure if that correct but hey . what colour gear ya think i should add was thinkn gold to pick up the goldy colour on the fork stickers
  3. cheers rev forks i got from jasbins was gunna go jc forks but i liked these alot
  4. heres my daughters bike what ya think so far
  5. any ideas guys and gals??????????
  6. looky what i found cool ha... and yes thats a 1980 programme with genuine signature .
  7. what ya think she is mid school what
  8. bretto wack it on ebay 100 buy now .if ya sell it will only cost ya 60 odd for a full new one
  9. lol alas no daisy ... just going through the cupborards found some unopend empire strikes back pakets mash and buckrogers lol wonder if the gum is still good
  10. heres a laugh lookin through the cupboards and look what i found nos still in box mint
  11. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
  12. hi got this bennett well according to the stickers the serial reads hl2031968....or hl231968 is this a 3 rd month 1968?? any info on these would be very much appreciated
  13. i cant sleep its early tuesday morning about 2 am so what will entertain me i know oz bmx so i turns computer on boils the kettle makes a coffee extra strong i log on then god decides i know ill make his day ill have a power surge lights go out in 2 mins they come back on but ohh not my computer or the 22inch led tv i use as a monitor or my iphone i plugged into the usb to charge so a few choice words like poo and crap the whole lot fried now useing worlds smallest screen my sons computer and a crappy old phone dam u god im sure he hates bricklayers
  14. if thats a w in the gusset then its simple its a wongoose
  15. sell it to me :happy_mini: