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  1. I'll pop down tomorrow - who else is going?
  2. Nice the blue looks awesome. Finished mine this week.
  3. It sounds tough - its got a white industries freewheel on it
  4. Just about finished. Just sorting out the brakes.
  5. Got some dia compe 990 on the rear and repo nippons on the front. Away on holidays at the moment but will finish this in the next couple of weeks
  6. Might head down to St Kilda. I'll watch the forecast and let you know.
  7. Too fat and old to be riding 20's these days. I couldn't resist when I saw these a few months ago. This should be finished next week I'll post more pics then.
  8. Justing waiting on a few bits and pieces - pegs, chainring, and brake cables - should be on it next weekend - hope the weather is as good as today
  9. Nice build - I'd get a white industries freewheel - they sound awesome and are tuff
  10. Early stages. Dropping some old school parts on it. Nothing special just a weekend cruiser.
  11. I'm building a 2014 Haro Master 24inch cruiser. I want to add some of the old school parts I have laying around. I have an old Haro fluted layback seatpost (22.2) and it doesn't fit. Question is I need a shim but not sure what type and where to get it? Do the local bike shop stock them?
  12. I need to contact him and am having no luck through eBay. I thought I would try here as he is selling OzBMX merchandise on eBay and assumed therefore he must be on this forum?
  13. Amazing Enzo.. Sick Build! Congratulations..
  14. RIP Notorious B.I.G
  15. FARC!! Love it Ryan.. Does that complete the Master collection yet?