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  1. There's not that many places that chrome anymore and only a handful will do bike frames so it wasn't that hard, had it been done overseas we would have never found em. Id pay 500 bucks for a set and use it as a rider,
  2. There's a certain chromer in NSW that's knows alot about these, I can't mention his name, but NOS I don't think so, next stop is to work out who welded them. This is a classic case of Faking the Funk.
  3. I've got a batch of large and extra large coming at the end of this week.
  4. That madman is mad, his work is freakin awesome wish I lived closer.
  5. Here we go again BMXPO 2016 shirts beautifully put together by Mark Mayo $25 Bucks pick up at BMXPO or $31 posted. pre order to avoid missing out on the cool tee. There will be shirts available on the day at the show. All proceeds go towards running the show and children's cancer institute.
  6. Great result, sweet bike Brett
  7. Sweet bike arch, black suits this model.
  8. Great bit of info mate, I've got some tuff neck stem bits I'd love to blacken. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Nice work Scotty, looks like you've been a busy boy. Put up a sound clip of it running.
  10. Welcome mate, I had a Red devil too as a kid. They come up on eBay from time to time and pretty cheap too.
  11. You've got some cool gear, this will be a nice build.
  12. I've seen that ripper in the flesh its a show stopper.
  13. This is shaping up to be a crazy build, I liked the profile pedals. Keep the pics coming mate.
  14. Would like to now who it is.
  15. Welcome to Oz Darren Blair, lots of cool stuff here you've just gotta learn to use the search feature and you'll be right. Oh and stay away from chicks with Adams apples ( there not really Chicks).