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  1. Sad news indeed. It's never good when lives are cut short. I didn't know the guy myself, but it sounds like he held a great deal of respect from the people that knew him. Condolences & thoughts go out to his family & friends. Regards, Mark.
  2. Thanks for your help guys. Very much appreciated!! I've been (casually) chasing one of these for a while, & pretty happy one finally turned up in the year type I'm interested in, & local! looking forward to seeing it in the flesh, & starting a build plan. Cheers, Hox.
  3. Bikes, beach, pub, & a couple of good fellas. Looks like a good Sunday!
  4. Looking good Steve. Polished bars would work a treat, & some black grips. The rest is already looking the goods! The frame colour looks great, especially against a sea of chrome, polished, & bling on the other builds. (nice rims)! Woman & colours... They don't get much else right... But they seem to excel at that! (ducking & weaving as I type). (that means I'm kidding if people are confused with my attempted humor).
  5. I heard trump was involved. didn't think 380deg of spin was possible? If they need steel for the wall.....
  6. Cheers All Enjoying a couple of brews before the weekend disappears. Cheers Andrew! & cheers to some fella that drives a Ford, & another fella that is about to make love to a Capri.
  7. Nice work Trojan. They have come up well. There's no one perfect way to restore tuffs, as the "damage" to them can be quite varied. Apart from the knocks & scrapes, it's usually UV damage, or mould/dirt etc, depending on where they have been for the last 30 yrs. These are general comments, as I've found (& a lot of others) some very unique wheels, with some difficult stains. Brake rub: sandpaper on the rim face, starting with 120grit, & working your way up, or picking it off with a sharp knife, & sanding from there. Soda Blasting : Approx: $25 per wheel Hydro Blasting: Approx $30 - 40 per wheel The upside to soda blasting is it's quite quick, & relatively kind to chrome with soft media, & it's applied dry. Hydro is a little slower, smaller media (glass), & obviously runs water, (& detergent). The media leaves much smaller "indents" in plastics, although (being glass) is a little harsh on chrome. The main reason hydro is a bit more expensive, is the work is wet. When it comes to stripping paint & grime from metal parts, it's easy. Cleaning tuffs are a different story, as they have usually been affected by UV fading, mould, & general crap from the last 30 years. This is very hard to pick when the wheel is wet. The finish: try an external vinyl/plastic treatment that's used in the automotive or marine industry, that dries, rather than staying wet. It will probably look marginally better when first applied, but will look like poo when every airborne fibre is attached to it. Where possible, use industry supplied products, not some BS that's pushed to consumers via retail outlets. There's no perfect way with every wheel, it's just a case of having a go, & thinking outside the square. I've got a few pics form start to finish, that show the difference between the two systems. i will post them up if people are interested. cheers!
  8. Cheers Red. yes, & yes.. Cheers to the Big fella, & hope he gets his machine back on the road. Any V8, is a good V8, even if it is on blocks! Cheers all!
  9. Don't blame Greenwich, & the WA government for your short comings. If you can't keep up, just say so... Cheers Red. Hope that bloke you know, the short Holden luva is going ok. Cheers to him!
  10. Neighbors can change when grog is involved...
  11. Considering your other neighbors guests, I'm sure they will see it your way.
  12. Cheers Andrew & Cheers Steve. I hope those Coopers are going down as well as these JB's are. not much happening with the other 2 bottles at the moment... Steve... Just ask them where they want the tent...& explain to them you both party hard, & walking home is not an option.
  13. Cheers all 2 bottles, & a couple of cans will keep me busy for the rest of the day... Good to see you back Tim. Hope you all enjoy tomorrow with friends & family, or whatever you choose to do. Cheers! Hox.