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  1. NEW Oakley B-1B 2010 Re-issue Grips in WHITE WITH BLUE SLEEVES incl donuts - $100 posted (Brand new, unused, unfitted without box Dibs! & Paid...
  2. Dibs one set Nos with both tags on em!
  3. ?
  4. Sold!! Mods lock it up thanks..
  5. Price adjusted posted $220.!!
  6. This is a dibs sale! Message me then for paypal deets! Haro tyres show mounted $250 postage inc.. Rare' Haro Show mounted tyres pattern tread and nipples are supple size 20x1.50. Haro arrows and labels are clear and look fantastic! They've been mounted but not ridden and stored away for years so they're not NOS. Please look at pics and judge for yourself there's no returns and I will carefully pack them for shipping NOT folded. Rubber patterns and nipples are in tact- Tires will be shipped flat. Free shipping payment due as soon as you dibs thanks ..advertised elsewhere.
  7. None of them where wearing safety helmets anyone notice this Haha lol perhaps not ...!
  8. Time capsule right there!!
  9. Advertised elsewhere price now $39 delivered!
  10. Lock it up advertised elsewhere.
  11. Dibs as per pm.
  12. 'Tech 4 Nos levers in bags Sold! Og chrome dated 06/90 single lever now only available ..
  13. For The Pair mate nos in the bags
  14. Ok guys paypal for payment, please no fees or just add the paypal fee. Rules you dib em there yours' and message me straight away for paypaypal details.! Posting same day prices include shipping you want express it's an extra $2.25 you pay cheers! og dated 06/90 chrome lever $17.50 posted.