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  1. Went to a UK bmx meet in September this year, chatted to Bob Haro for a bit plus 200 Uk bmx dudes who were all cool. Then went to the States and spent the day with my fave, Heidi Mirisola who still looks fine
  2. Not sure if there's a previous post, if so please let me know Lets maybe get a list of 70's, 80's bmx people you've met? How, where and how cool (if they were cool?)
  3. Hutch is my thing, only Hutch i started out collecting one of everything but while researching a particular Hutch frame the entire Hutch history hit me, hard I guess Great frames and products, awesome team lineup from 81 through 86 easy And it just felt nice to be able to afford the so called "unaffordable" bikes from back then Feck knows more parents couldn't afford better than a reliance for me back then lol
  4. Hey mick those are Hutch forks which are cool just wanted to put it out there
  5. Forgot to include the MCS gusset pic sorry
  6. One of the first 25 made Hutch XL24 Cruisers with the distinctive MCS bottom gusset. Almost complete survivor with a new original Kashi seat.
  7. 1985 Hutch Judge with all the Hutch goodies. Everything original mint Hutch except for seat (JDB). Parts include: Hutch judge frame and fork - Rechromed then powder candy finish by Roberto Original finish candy red Hutch Pro bars Hutch grips Hutch Western H stem Hutch 2n1 headlock and riser Hutch race plate Hutch padset Hutch layback seat post and seat clamp Hutch (JDB) seat in cloth cover Hutch Aerospeed cranks, Aerospeed disc and Tuff Neck chainring with Izumi chain Hutch pedals and pedal crushers Mx1000 and tech 4 with Terry cable Hutch hourglass hubs on Ambrosio rims Tioga Comp III blue/grey fatty/skinny Hope you enjoy
  8. Mint
  9. Really nice original white paint Hutch Judge Parts are mainly very nice condition original Hutch for the build I decided on. Something a bit different for me, not all Hutch and a bit of colour instead of just chrome.
  10. Pedals sold Terry sold
  11. NOS items although I believe the pedals have been fitted and I did fit tyres to the skyways. So excellent condition anyway. Reissue Skyway Graphites with an unknown freewheel attached. Slightest shelf wear shows on Skyway decals. Includes box which is in average condition - $375 posted Shimano DX 9/16 in box - slightest shelf wear above one end cap I tried to show. Dated GG? - $410 posted Terry Cable for rear setup in baby blue. Slight markings/shelf wear that I believe will rub off - $70 posted Am happy to accept offers but a dibs on the post wins. slightest lifting on the "w"