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  1. Dibs mate.
  2. Great price for this bad girl! Some rare and hard to come by parts on this build. Good luck with sale.
  3. Undibs as per pm
  4. Dibs pm to follow
  5. I'm keen mate. But what is youth large equivalent to ? E.g 13 boys etc.
  6. Great work mate. The black on yellow looks sweet! PM to follow
  7. Hello mate, I have had no luck. I have to polish my momo vega rims before every show because they quickly go dull. Clear coat does the trick. I'm definately intrested in any tips too
  8. Good to see a great start for the month. Some dam nice builds here
  9. dibs tange lock nut.............PM to follow
  10. Dibs gold SR. pedals $70 posted
  11. A big thanks for the views and votes. I'm so pleased to have more than 2 votes on da Torker Bretto, great mini. Too good mate! I sighted this beauty at Knox last year. Wow! Please don't show my daughter cause I can't go there. crisp! Cu at Hursty bro
  12. Dibs race plate as per pm
  13. Great job mate
  14. Hey mate, do u have the reflectors for pedals?