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  1. I have no idea what your talking about but I do like the way you say it........
  2. Just enough plus a bit more.... Is this so obvious?
  3. Double Jacks mixed with a big of egg on face....... Nice mix You get that sometimes being me.....
  4. Angry and violent people on Internet forums! Ummmm actually it doesn't....... Deceptive people I'll go with
  5. Anchorman 2, no.1 is better but it's got a lot of laughs
  6. Oh the bike riding chick.... I opened it up and went.... Ok.... This won't go down well
  7. All good, I'm in life and anything/everything for fun so that is my intention officially! I take no offence and hold no grudges at all. Peace
  8. Ken oath the BMX forum 'off topic' is highly important. I don't believe I have put anyone down or ozbmx, I have my own flavour and some don't like it.... Don't reply then I all I can say. I put something up yesterday that was removed, there was no profanity or any reason to remove it k.
  9. Nice!
  10. No, jus smoke n mirrors bra.... Why you got something to sell cheap n I'll let him know
  11. Bad grammar and poor spelling does annoy me at work in say..... A heads of agreement document , lease or a contract or something important but on a bmx forum not so much. I say bring on your slang and go wild kids! I am also allergic to negative people btw true that 100%
  12. What you think...... Comments?
  13. Please lighten up!....... How can you be so offended at this post when your profile pic has a pic of a scantily clad chick bent over in front of your fav green truck? That don't make sense to me, just a stupid 'off topic' post
  14. BMX only..... Stay on point peeps. None of those big seat dragsters, that's too easy!
  15. What bike did you loose your virginity on? Fess up!?