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  1. Dibs gold tange head lock
  2. The reason I always open BMXmuseum first is because of the member's bike gallery and the favorites link in my profile. I have pics of all the bikes I want to add to my collection. It's the reason my collection is what it is today. I feel this site needs to add something similar and encourage members to add pics of their bikes and therefore collections and have these on permanent display, not just in build or BOTM threads that get buried or images deleted. Yes, the deleted images is a definite thread killer and needs to be addressed. Being able to link a build thread to the gallery pic would be cool too. There are so many amazing collections in Oz that rarely get seen. There are some complex reasons for this that will need to be addressed along the way if we want to see the best Oz has to offer but let's make a start and the rest will follow. The reason I joined this site was because I wanted to see the bikes being built here and connect with local collectors. Xav, you'll need to rethink the location detecting software if you want to achieve this because of the value of some of these collections, people won't want their addresses plastered on the internet. Remember it's all about the bikes being shown without that everything else fades.
  3. Close but we don't use England's currency, we have our own $850 USD = $1,153.84 AUD $75 USD = $101.81 AUD (shipping)
  4. If you want to know what something is worth, just put up a wanted post. Seems to be working pretty well for some.
  5. Dibs and payment to: monstabargains@gmail.com DD is cool also PM for details '79 CYC Stormer frame & fork in excellent condition. $320 posted Oz wide
  6. From what I've seen so far these frames have all been '81 models and none of them have MKIII decals. I don't think they were sold at retail level at this stage. The second lot of Tange frames, the ones being called Team frames are '82-'83 models. The MKIII's are '80-'82 with the Kuwi style gusset and have MKIII decals. These were originally the top of the retail line and were an entry level race bike. I have seen survivor MKIII race bikes.
  7. Show me one with original MKIII decals, I've yet to see one. Here's a pic of one being raced.
  8. Dibs and payment to: monstabargains@gmail.com DD is cool also PM for details Mongoose Pro Class Disc in excellent condish $65 posted Freestyle 980 complete brake set $45 posted Peregrine slant stem $65 posted Fishbone seat clamp $55 posted Rider condish Shot Gun seat $85 posted Fishbone Straight Up stem $185 posted
  9. Be careful mate, I've bought a few things from there and they always take Paypal. I've never had a problem but the bank transfer thing sounds a bit dodgy.
  10. Pretty sure you need one of these mate http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/290772369669?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3
  11. I reckon the Moto Mag would probably get the most entries and be a good place to start. Plenty around including Team/Supergoose frames & for people with a lower budget heaps of different "copy" frames
  12. Tange Sc2 clamps in every colour for every build. Period / catalogue correct, I don't care.
  13. Do you remember the guy that was buying up the Hot Hearts & drilling the gussets out to sell them as E.T.'s. Ended up not able to sell them and the price of the Hot Hearts increased but his weren't hot Hearts anymore :rofl_mini:
  14. I always read these threads about Heliums and their perceived value & rarity everytime one shows up foresale. In the time I've been on this forum, I've known of at least 6 or 7 of these foresale but only 1 Black Hawk, 2 SLA's, 2 Cobra Pro's, 2 Taipan Phase III's, 2 Kanga gusset Suparoo's and a couple of Tange Apollo's & Supermax Turbo's. So my question is are they really the rarest Aussie racing frame? I personally don't think so. From a collectors point of view are they worth the current price? I'd say no to that as well even though I'd love to have one for my Aussie frame collection. None of the above would matter to me though if I used to race one as a kid and no amount of $ would be too much. How many of those guys are left? I think that will be the determining factor for future prices.
  15. Absolutely stunning build mate!