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  1. Long gone now unfortunately.
  2. Hi Mate , please send me your payment details so i can sort out the payment for you. I will advise of the shipping details once i have hade the payment for the HUTCH OPC polished lock .. Cheers George 

  3. 1984 Curtis Pro Powerlite bars jdm hutch stem 90's redline crank araya aeros beerfeet tires jaguar seat oddy post dc lever oddy caliper ...
  4. Hmmm q 1.5 ... Kinda like em , been holding on to these for a mate in Sidney. Bars same color as the frame , would paint the seat post as well ..
  5. Mmm the one's in the pic have been cut unfortunately. Be pretty easy to knock up a couple of bar extenders. How about Tioga air step
  6. Would that be these .....
  7. Pretty funky looking frame these gjs . May have to do some research on these . Do like the look of the freestyle frames
  8. Best ring chip lol Looks cool whatever yello it is bout time you get a gyro tho
  9. Do like those style fork sweet . Pretty bright yellow, what would they call it ?
  10. Nice one Andy
  11. Still no show since the 19th when posted . Shall we lock it up ?