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  1. Are tyres still avail and for sale by chance?
  2. Hows this still here?
  3. Sold pending
  4. Dibs wins Could possibly post within oz at buyers expense approx $30 $160 Payment and pick up within 24 hours of dibs great used condition forks no major damage couple of small scratches Great for a survivor build these are getting harder to find photos form description
  5. Would you $35 posted
  6. Sold Lock it up
  7. Sorry $80 plus $20 post
  8. Dibs wins pick up and payment within 24 hours Selling some doubles I have These are getting harder to find Will suit survivor build No cracks Railings will clean up Lettering faded Perfect for that Torker 2 build Will post $20 extra within Oz Advertised else where
  9. Dibs wins Pick up 3000 $45 Used condition fusion double pinch seat clamp These are getting harder to find Will post at buyers expense
  10. Shouldn't last long