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  1. 1986 Redline RL20A Prostyler Chrome looks good and pretty rust free with no dings that I could see. Dibs get it. $500 free postage anywhere in Aus.
  2. dibs, one set please
  3. Not sure if I'm in the right section but anyways.... I haven't seen this sticker before, is it available? Would be cool if someone could repro it.
  4. genuine repros bought from oldschoolbmx.com.au
  5. Mks Bm-7 Blue Pedals 9/16 $60 Posted
  6. some pics would be good. comparison of OG and new.
  7. any more blue pads?
  8. Genuine MKS BM-7 Blue Pedals 9/16 $60 Posted
  9. 165mm Mongoose Cranks PAID
  10. UNDIBS no 3 175mm mongoose cranks DIBS for no.2 165mm Mongoose crank. sorry change of mind
  11. dibs mongoose cranks. number 3 175mm that is
  12. dibs mongoose cranks