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  1. Are these prices posted
  2. We would have stuck around if we had of known. Sorry Kate.
  3. Nah. We headed down to the old salt works area at the back of Point Cook.
  4. Small gathering today. Maybe 20 people but no one ride afterwards. However fisho and I went to explore some new ground. Or should I say water.
  5. I'm out
  6. Sounds good @Garb
  7. Any Coke caps left if so dibs a set
  8. Get there early peeps. Grab a bargain and hopefully it won't rain as predicted.
  9. My 24. Great rider.
  10. And the new owner is Snap lol
  11. All my photos are on Rad Random Rides Facebook page.
  12. No your not. Your page is still active
  13. Whoops. Sorry guys $580 Pick up Point Cook
  14. Mounted on bike for show after restoration. Never ridden on since restore Suzue high flange loose ball hubs. Pick up Point Cook or post at buyers expense. Photos form description