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  1. Beautiful in red.
  2. Dibs 1 set
  3. Hey mate. I'll dibs it. Can't believe it's still here. I'll drop you a PM.
  4. A wish list item for my GHP.
  5. Is that a dibs @scottyh_bmz? Best to actually type the term for clarity. In years gone by, there would have been someone who'd come in and dibs over your comment. Not sure that still happens. But better safe than sorry.
  6. Beautiful. This is certainly a bike on my list.
  7. I'll dibs 2 blue/gold, 2 black/gold and 1 white/gold please.
  8. Redline cranks still available?
  9. Let us know if this one is all done, I'll lock it up.
  10. Cheers @olds cool I enjoy restoring all kinds of bikes. I get more out of the low budget ones, I like to do the painting. I just need to get better at the prep.