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  1. Cheers @olds cool I enjoy restoring all kinds of bikes. I get more out of the low budget ones, I like to do the painting. I just need to get better at the prep.
  2. Very nice.
  3. The bars look original to mid 90's goose, but I have really only ever seen them in chrome. Most of the painted frames still had chrome forks and bars. The hole in the bars is consistent with late 80's early 90's bars made in Taiwan. Lots of them had that. Don't recognise the logo particularly, but many had dates/model numbers stamped. That reminds me are there any stamps on the fork steerer tube?
  4. Yep I'd put this as a 95 build so will be in the 96 catalogue (if you can find one). I don't know much about the 96 bikes as there is no catalogue available that I can find and very limited info elsewhere. I'm not even sure if there was an Expert Pro and Comp that year. For the 97 models it's hard to tell the Comp vs Pro apart. I think weight would be the telling factor, but of course you'd need both frames of course. In 97 you can tell the Menace (1" Fork) from the Expert (1 1/8" Fork) easily. Does it have Canti brake mounts and what size forks. 1" or 1 1/8? Throw up a few more pics of the frame etc and we'll see what we can do. Brenton
  5. Not quite as nice as the metallic red above, but this 1984 Raleigh Magnum was bought back from the dead with an Apple Red paint job and a new set of repo decals.
  6. Nice. Decals are hard to find on these.
  7. Awesome. Well deserved.
  8. Don't forget to dibs @St20er
  9. I'd love to know the answer too. I have the same XXL inverted stem. What year did the rounded to start?
  10. I'm 6'7" so a 20 just a little bit too small for me these days. I like to build my 24s as if they were just oversized 20's.
  11. Awesome. I recently picked up a 24" 82 Kuwi Apollo in black. Going to do an ET on it. Perfect size for us grown ups.
  12. Between two for me. Hard decision.